The Super Food No One's Eating

Delicious, packed with protein and abundant in most parts of the world, this nutritious food source fell out of favor in most cultures. What is it--and why should we eat it despite the the ick factor?
Before you say "ew" at the prospect of eating insects, watch this video, which explains that not only were they once a crucial source of nutrition, but they're also quite tasty! Cricket kebabs or fried spiders, anyone?
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Member Comments

BORDERJACK 11/6/2020 11:40:32 PM
When I was vegan I couldn’t eat insects but now that I’m vegetarian I have no excuse. I think that I could tolerate the crunchy critters best (not the wormy ones) mixed in a nacho chip, popcorn, cheese doodle, potato chip mix where the crunch of the ingredients and the powdery flavor would mask the texture and taste of the insect parts. Then I wouldn’t feel guilty eating the snack mix because I’d be getting protein. Report
1965KAREN 6/13/2020 3:32:54 PM
No, don't think I could do this!! lol Report
1965KAREN 6/13/2020 3:32:39 PM
No, don't think I could do this!! lol Report
JIACOLO 6/13/2020 9:50:56 AM
I am not sure I could intentionally eat bugs. Report
WATERGUYHAWAII 4/30/2020 8:56:41 PM
Yum, but where can I find the nutrition info and serving size? Report
MILPAM3 4/30/2020 12:19:36 PM
Apparently, this will be the ONLY food (locusts) available to at least eight East African countries as a second wave of them will be eating everything in their path in the next couple months. Horrific! Report
FLOYDSTIME 1/11/2020 1:35:49 PM
Wouldn't eating bugs upset the ecosystem by destroying the good insects that protect our food? Report
KATRENIAH 12/25/2019 5:54:20 PM
I'm definitely not a fan, but my sister and one of my nieces are. I understand the benefits; I just can't get past the inherent... bugginess of it all. Report
KHALIA2 12/25/2019 9:58:19 AM
Yuck!!!! Report
JIBBIE49 9/21/2019 9:38:23 AM
GOOGLE says: In the world, some 900 thousand different kinds of living insects are known. This representation approximates 80 percent of the world's species. There are 200 million insects for ever human on Earth.

So, when it comes to "eating" insects, using larvea to make into a "flour" and adding it in as a protein is the easiest way to "eat" insects. In over-populated areas of the world such as India, Africa and China, it is an easy source of protein for animals and humans. My son grows "mealworms" which are larvae from beetles to feed to his frogs. They use this feed for chickens, too. The beetles will eat food scraps. Report
BLUE7684 7/12/2019 5:41:16 AM
Nope! Can’t try this one, feel sick to stomach just looking at video! Report
KHALIA2 5/15/2019 11:16:03 AM
Just can't do this one! Report
CD10676776 5/1/2019 10:09:46 PM
You're eating bugs when if you eat protein whey!!!! Report
NEBRASKANNIE 1/28/2019 11:22:21 AM
If I'm starving I'd eat them. But I think tree bark sounds better. Report
RHONDALMULKEY 1/11/2019 12:49:31 PM
This one will not happen. I'm all about trying new things, but I just can't Report