Man Smashes World Record for Holding Longest Abdominal Plank

At 57 and in the best shape of his life, George Hood smashed the world record for the longest abdominal plank ever held. You won't believe how long he was able to hold it! To top it off, he did it for a worthy cause--raising money to benefit the Semper Fi Fund for wounded Marines.
Want to try it yourself? Here's how to do a perfect plank.
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GOFORGIN 3/30/2020 1:55:00 PM
Ok Report
GOFORGIN 3/22/2020 12:00:27 PM
Ok Report
GOFORGIN 3/16/2020 6:56:56 AM
Ok Report
DAN07221954 2/5/2020 3:45:36 AM
Well Done Report
KHALIA2 12/6/2019 9:20:35 AM
Simply Amazing!!!! Report
PIGGLYWIGGLY63 9/16/2019 5:40:23 PM
Congrats to Mr. Hood! Report
KHALIA2 6/17/2019 7:01:15 AM
Well Done! Report
KHALIA2 5/19/2019 8:40:18 PM
Congrats! Great Job! Report
KHALIA2 2/28/2019 8:02:56 AM
Congratulations! Wish I could do this one. Report
ALASKINI 1/31/2019 9:04:26 PM
Amazing! Report
VANILLAHUGZ 1/13/2019 9:45:59 PM
That is beyond impressive !! Well done and I'm jealous lol Report
ANNIEMAROO 1/13/2019 12:16:43 PM
WOW!!! Report
KHALIA2 12/4/2018 10:54:42 AM
WOW! Report
EBETHE07 10/21/2018 12:12:43 AM
Impressive!!! Report
CD3409143 9/10/2018 9:31:28 PM
I can't understand the complaining about him winning if it was a GUY beating ANOTHER GUY nobody would care. Report