Watch What Happens When a Young, Engaged Couple Sees Each Other Age 70 Years

A 20-something engaged couple has a chance to see what they would look like in their 50's, 70's and 90's. Their reactions to the experiment are so heart-warming. THIS is what real beauty looks like!
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Member Comments

WHITECAT19 11/9/2020 4:01:06 PM
Great video! I have a magnet photo of my late husband on my fridge door so I can kiss it every day. It is a picture of him at our wedding reception, and a rare shot of him smiling. (He was taught, as a child, not to smile for pictures.) He was very sick when he died, and looked a lot different, but I love him so much more than I did the day we were married. His last words to me were, "I love you forever!" Report
HANOVERLADY 9/24/2020 10:44:09 AM
Very sweet reactions. Made me cry. Report
DEBBRALE 6/25/2020 5:08:24 PM
Heart warming to say the very least. They were adorable to begin with! Report
NENEBFIT 4/3/2020 7:02:41 AM
I am in awe of the make-up artists‘ ability to transform them. It was touching to see the couple’s reactions. Report
KHALIA2 12/14/2019 9:49:48 AM
Best wishes for a lovely marriage! Report
KHALIA2 12/14/2019 9:47:57 AM
Best wishes for a lovely marriage! Report
KHALIA2 10/30/2019 3:33:15 PM
Amazing video! Report
CHERRYZMB60 5/16/2018 5:42:50 PM
Fascinating Report
BBDELTA 5/16/2018 10:14:27 AM
Beautiful video! I hope they achieve every goal they set for themselves. Report
KHALIA2 4/8/2018 10:02:18 PM
It is amazing what a little make-up and technology can do. Report
MISSPEACHES3 4/8/2018 8:43:31 AM
I loved this video of the young couple aging. I just wish they had put some weight on them. A lot of people gain weight in their face as they age. Report
BARBEQUESUE 4/8/2018 6:40:08 AM
This was good..made me tear up as well. Report
KHALIA2 11/6/2017 10:00:34 AM
Amazing what technology can do! Report
CD16602405 5/18/2016 10:21:02 PM
Pretty neat video, I shared it on Facebook Report
CD13211793 11/22/2015 2:38:42 PM
I'm sharing this touching video with both my niece and her boyfriend, as well as my nephew and his fiance.