Printable B.M.I. Chart: SparkDiet Resource Center

BMI, while not a perfect measure of health, can give you an idea of your health risk levels and preferred weight ranges.
To use this chart, find your height along the left column, trace the row straight across until you meet the column with your current weight.
The number in that block is your BMI.
To see which range your BMI falls in, use the color key below.

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Underweight: Losing too much weight can be unhealthy as well.
Healthy: Not much risk of obesity-related health problems, but stay on top of your healthy habits.
Overweight: Losing some weight can still improve your overall health and risk factors.
Obese: Now's the time to take care of it before problems develop and it's too late.
Morbidly Obese: You are at very high risk for heart and blood pressure problems, and diabetes.