Are You Smart about Holiday Calorie Swaps?

Quiz by Nicole Nichols, Health Educator
You don't have to hibernate all winter just to avoid the delicious and tempting foods at holiday parties! Join the fun--and stick to your healthful diet--by incorporating some smart swaps at the food table. Take this quiz to find out how many calories and fat grams you'll save by making smart substitutions, then take what you've learned and enjoy your next party without worrying so much about your waistline!

By skipping 4 oz. of sweet potato casserole and choosing 1/2 cup of baked sweet potato instead, how many calories will you save?

Line up these 5 homemade pies in order of most to least calories per slice (highest to lowest calories).

Choosing white turkey meat instead of dark will save you how many fat grams per 4-oz. serving?

What would happen if you ate two peanut butter cookies instead of two (plain) sugar cookies?

True or False: Removing the skin from your butter-basted turkey will reduce your caloric intake by about 80 calories.

Bypass the eggnog for hot chocolate (made with water) and you'll save how many fat grams?

Which fudge should you choose if you want to save a few calories?

True or False: Herb-seasoned roasted potatoes contain less than half the calories of mashed potatoes (made with butter and whole milk).

If you made chocolate chip cookies with half the chips called for in the recipe, how many calories would you save per cookie?

How many calories are in the average slice (1.5 oz) of holiday fruitcake?

Ditch that 1/4 cup of gravy on your mashed potatoes to save...

True or False: Two candy canes contain the same number of calories as two milk-chocolate coated cherries.

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