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The 5 Moves You Need to Achieve Your First Pull-Up


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I will be trying tthese Report
I want so badly to be able to do unassisted pull-ups! So far, I just use a resistance band and I'm very awkward. I will keep doing these exercises. Thanks for the article!! Report
My arms have always lacked strength. Report
i don't think there are any articles I haven't read. I've been on SP for many years Report
This is exactly the workout I need, SparkFriends. Thanx Report
Thank you! Report
Thanks for this article. I am looking forward to successfully completing a set of pull ups! Report
Good exercises...easy to do...Thanks Report
Thanks Report
I will do a proper pullup (unassisted) one day! Report
Pull-up (palms away) is a back exercise (versus the chin-up, with palms toward you, that is both back & bicep). The rows are useful, the overhead press... maybe. The rest? I have my doubts. Aim for a strong core (pick a handful if ab exercises). Arm hangs (70 secs is a good goal). Negatives (hold for 5, lower for 5). Lat pull, of you have access to a machine. Some people find inverted rows useful. Incorporating exercises (push-ups, bench press, tricep anything) that may not help with the pull-up, but will keep you even, have their place as well. Also, the less you weigh, the less you're raising to the bar. Report
I needed to read this article, and I'm glad I found it.

Thank you. These exercises are attainable and "within my reach" if I may pull out that retort.

hahaha Report
Good exercises Report

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