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You Can Progress to a Pull Up

Reach Your Fitness Goals!


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Thanks for sharing, I can do this Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thank you for this. Report
I have a real sense of accomplishment when using the assisted lift machine at the gym! I can do 75% of my weight when using it, and I'll be really proud when I get to that 80%. Report
Used to do these as a kid in high school couldn't recall how I got started (was OK until the board I was using at the time -a plank nailed under the floor joists) gave way. Wasn't too badly hurt- switched to the door way to the work room where my weights were as it was open on one side and the perfect height used to do 20 after lifting weights. Report
I know of two other ways to build up to a full pull up, which are used in my CrossFit gym.

1. Use a giant elastic band to assist with the up portion of the movement.
This is more advanced than option #2, but so much fun. the band should be looped around the pullup bar and extend to the level or your knee or so. Stretch the band and place one foot in the bottom end. Let your body hang from the bar, supported by the band. You're now ready to try an assisted pullup. If you have the band strength right, your muscles plus the pull of the elastic will allow you to do it exactly as if you had the strength to do it on your own.

2. Ring rows are an easier option. This also work for people with at-home bars for their doorway. Some gyms have rings hanging from the ceiling. They should be adjusted to about shoulder height. At home, attach a sheet, towel, or strapping to your pullup bar, or trap a knotted sheet above a closed door. Grasp the rings/sheet/towel/straps near the level of your armpits, lean back, and then pull up (using your back and shoulders only). Make it easier: step back. Make it harder: step forward.

Ring rows are also excellent training for progression to full pullup Report
i've had unassisted chinup/pullup on my bucket list for years. it's time to scratch it off! thanks for this article! Report
I think it will take months not weeks for me. I started with negative chin ups (b/c it is easier) and am working on negative pull ups after a month. My goal is to do a pull-up on my own for Christmas. Report
This sounds like my next big goal. Report
My hnand I got a pull up bar for Christmas and I, having never been able to do a pull up EVER, I am going to do it :) Report
I can do this!

Spark Cheers
This almost sounds like I could work at doing it! LOL--maybe I will!! Report
I have one of those over the door frame bars, but I wasn't able to do a single pullup so I put it aside. I had never thought of the Negative technique. Thanks Jason. I"m going to start working on that tonight! Ü Report
step by step bring it on!!! Report

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