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10 Worst Foods of the Year

How Many Have You Tried?


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Glad I'm a non-dairy/fish vegetarian...all of those items have ingredients that I avoid! and for good reason! and I agree, "fats food" is much more appropriate than fast food! Report
Thanks for the article. As a vegetarian, I usually assume my choices are fairly healthy hopwever, recently i had a felafel wrap with stir-fried veggies inside, (I opted out of the noodles &or rice) and when i checked their nutrient fact sheet it was a whopping 650 calories. My husband's beef wrap with noodles had less calories.
Girlfriend, i'm tempted by ALL of it! especially the ones with BACON-- yum! but you know what? i'm still sweaty from just working out and i'm not gonna waste all that hard work with one of those meals when i can throw some K-Bobs on the BBQ and enjoy a delicious and low fat meal that is equally as good AND is good for me -- thanks for the enlightening article! Hasta La Vista, Fast food!!! Report
I would be tempted to eat the PIZZA HUT PIZZA, but not much else. Report
I wish more people knew the truth about Starbucks. I worked at a chain coffee shop for several years, and sometimes it was all I could do not to ask people, "Are you serious?!?" when they ordered an extra-large blended drink with 3 kinds of mix-in powder, extra caramel sauce, and extra whipped cream -- often several times a week! For some reason, a lot of people don' t realize that those things are essentially a huge cup of ice cream. The only healthy options at a typical coffee shop are hot or iced tea (only artificial sweetener allowed), a skim latte with or without a sugar-free flavor shot, an americano, espresso, drip coffee or iced coffee with nothing added aside from artificial sweetener or skim milk. That's it! Everything else is horrible for you! Report
Thanks for the article. It was entertaining and informative. Thank goodness I've never tried any of the foods listed on there. That's why preparing meals at home is much better - cheaper and healthier! Report
The breakfast meals are how a beautiful GOOD egg goes BAD! Aah! It's a good lesson to learn that cooking your favorite meals at home easily cuts the calories. Take a homemade burger vs. the fast food kind. First, you can choose the lean meat, plus make a normal size patty vs. the fatty XL size ones at"fat food" joints. Choose LF mayo vs. the regular. More veggies and a smaller or more nutritious bun and whalla! You may not be 100% in line for calories, but just the simple act of making it yourself saves you tons! And would you EVER eat fries at home? Not me! Report
Don't push the Six Dollar Burger off on the west coast -- we have Hardees over here and it's the same thing! Report
Fast Food is really misspelled "Fats Food"! Report
Good thing I haven't eaten any of them. But how about the Meatball sub Arby's came out with in December? Have 1000 calories and 61 grams of fat. Throw in an upsized curly fry and a large Pepsi, and you've got yourself a meal that is nearly 2000 calories. Ouch. No one else at the Arby's I work at even bothered to look up the info on that thing before they started eating them. (One person there eats one every day!!!!) Report
You left the worst one off of the list. The Chili's chicken quesidilla gives you a whopping 1800 calories!!!! That's more calories in one meal than you're supposed to consume in a whole day! I will NEVER eat that again. Report
I am so glad we don't have these extreme deals where I live. Report
I made the Denny's mistake ONE time! That was all it took to learn my lesson!!! Now, I go to the website of the restaurant I want to go to and peruse their nutrition boards. I choose what I'll order before I leave home then I don't even have to look at the menu and be tempted!

What if they don't have a website or a nutrition board? I find a place that does. With so many choices, no one has to settle, EVER! We hurt ourselves more than anyone else when we cheat or choose to overlook a dietary indescretion ~

Karen in SETX Report
DISTURBED. I am SO distrubed! Thank goodness I've not eaten anything on this list. Great writing, BTW. Report
I do like to eat at fast food restaurants, but thank goodness these were not on my list. I generally choose the salads and small sandwiches. Report

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