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10 Worst Foods of the Year

How Many Have You Tried?


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Thank you for the information. Report
Holy wow.

To think, one can have a full plate of beans, brown rice, steamed veggies EVEN WITH some avocado and olive oil and still have a healthful, filling, good for you and tasty meal.

Who'd want these other options? No frankenfood for me, thanks. Report
Unbelievable! Report
What is truly sad, I do not go anywhere and just grab something to eat, I check out what is in it calorie wise and sodium wise. It is so bad, I only go out once a month, and that is for a McDonald's Sausage and cheese Mc Muffin, with a hash brown. Thanks for info. Report
Out of all these i only have had the baconator from wendy's, and only 1 time. Report
Gotta admit I have had the baconator once... but it was during my low/no carb days and I tossed the bun and most of the cheese. Never had another... it wasn't very good. Report
All I can say is OH MY GOODNESS, that is freaking NUTS!!!!! Report
Forget the nutritional value -- every single one of these sounds disgusting. Report
i can honestly say I have never tried any of these and none seem appealing, luckly I rarely crave fast food the grease has always made me feel sick, now if any cupcakes or mint choce chip ice cream or cookies those are my downfalls Report
Sorry to say this but I also live in Canada and I have had both the baconator and the pzone. Although I doubt very much I would have them again as the Baconator has NO taste aside from the meat and the bun. The Pxone was OK but I didn't realize it was THAT bad at the time. Report
The only thing I had was the drink from Starbucks - but I never had a Venti. To downsize your calorie intake, order a Tall with no whipped cream and use skim milk rather than whole. Report
Delicious Humour! My favorite a Carl's Jr. Six Dollar Burger. Didn't realize the amount of calories were THAT bad. Report
Thanks for the eye opening info and your humorous take on some scary bad for you food. Report
None, thank goodness! Report
What is so sad, is that the food has just gotten worse since this was written! Report

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