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Stay Motivated with SparkStreaks!

How (and Why) to Start Your Own Streak Today!


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I am loving Spark Streaks! Report
thanks Report
I love my streaks. Report
Love streaking with Sparks. Report
Love my Spark streaks. Report
keeping a log of my diabetes progress. Report
8/8/16~I have tracked my food now for a SPark Streak of 255 days which beat my OLD streak of 252 days six years ago! In those 255 days {and the 252 } I lost 19 lbs. {20~my first time round} and the only reason I gained it back was after 8 mos. on Maintenance , I started Homeschooling my child and could not keep up with SP and Homeschooling,too. When I tried last December during Christmas vacation to find a way to do both SP and Homeschooling,it worked and I have been on ever since! What is interesting is that with the SPARKPEOPLE website and the Nutrition and Exercise Trackers, I have been able to lose the weight ,gain more energy and BE THERE ~ALIVE~ for my child while he is growing up. Both my parents died during my childhood due to obesity . Losing the weight ,though it may be only 20 pounds to some people, makes a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE to my child,my husband and ME! It WORKS !!!~BUT you have to PUT IN THE TIME to track EVERYTHING YOU EAT and all the exercise YOU PUT IN to MAKE IT WORK!!! I make GOOD FOOD CHOICES and have days where I make BAD FOOD CHOICES and really, YOU CAN DO IT! STREAKS help KEEP YOU MOTIVATED and that is why I DO THEM!!! Report
After 6 years on this site, I'm still learning new things. Thanks. Report
Hi spark folks!

I'm just curious-- is there anyway to set up streaks for "5 out of 7"-- or customize to your schedule?

As I work on computers all day, my weekends are exclusive NO ONLINE time-- so I never get any streaks, but would love to customize my page so that I can feel motivated to login and interact monday-friday....

If it wasn't for spark streaks, I know I wouldn't keep going. Who would have known that such a simple concept of "I'm on a streak, can't break it," would keep me on track. I have tried so many times to lose weight and always have gained it back. I know this time will be different because this time I am using all the tools. Thank you Spark Guy for caring about me. Report
This is a great tool for me. I can do anything for 10 minutes (well, most anything!) I love SP!!! Report
Since I've walking 4 miles a day my husband is sighing me up for the Revlon walk!
My husband and daughter have been doing it for years, this will be my first.
I'm looking forward to it! Report
Can relate to Moms100, I too have jumped out of bed plenty of times since joining SP on November 1, 2012 to log/track my points! Lol

I love the concept of sparkstreaks but I don't like that it only records streaks in weeks versus days. I tried to set up a user defined streak that I want to do daily but it wouldn't let me. bummer! Report

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