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Ditch the Winter Itch

Tips for Treating Dry Skin & Hair


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thanks.... Report
Water, water, water. Drink it Report
i like cotton linen. never realized it's drying.
silk gloves are terrible for my hands. can't really understand why. Report
I had problem with dry skin for years. Tried many creams, but nothing helped. Then I read that best medicine is to drink 2-3 tablespoon per day of flaxseed oil. I noticed improvement after 4-5 days. It is really the best think what you can do for your skin and your body. But don't put on skin, because flaxseed oil oxidizes very quickly when exposed to light and air and looses all it's qualities. Report
Interesting article. I never really thought about using a humidifier in the Winter. That's smart! Report
Great article. It took me forever to realize that it was dry skin making me so uncomfortable. Now, I do many of the things described...and, of course, drink lots more water. Report
I put on lotion every day after my shower. Using a humidifier is not an option as I have allergies that recommend keeping the humidity below 50% in my house, and I'm lucky if I can get it to 45%. Report
I live in the high desert I have dry skin 12 months a year never a month without it I have always drank a lot of water and used a good moisture cream, for my age and where I have lived all my life my skin is in very good condition. Report
A trick from the frozen north (aka, a friend I have in Edmonton): Switch your bedsheets to satin or silks. Cotton WILL dry your skin, especially a higher thread count. At least replace your pillowcases, especially those of a high thread count variety.

I found the hair-oil tip to be interesting; I will try it. I use a damp washcloth with oil to "dry" myself all year round since menopause, and that has helped with itching and dry skin. Report
I don't even bother with towels anymore. As soon as my shower is over I put on Vaseline. We all know how slippery it the time you're finished putting it on all over your body, your body is almost dry. I normally wait a few more minutes & then go ahead and get dressed. I find when I use Vaseline right after a shower, it does not make my body appear greasy. It has a nice, shiny oiled look....the look of someone with moisturized skin. :-) Report
Great article. Neutragena products have helped me since I went through menopause, which made my skin drier. I use to think the products were too expensive and silly, but now that I have extra sensitive skin, I'm glad for them. Report
Here's something I discovered... after "towel drying", I blow dry myself with my hair dryer. Sounds silly, but it seems to help me keep from getting such dry skin! (And it feels good when it's cold!) Report
The article on dry skin is very good. Some of the things I do, like putting lotion on my skin while it is still wet. The ideas on putting moisture into my hair are ones that I will try. Report

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