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What to Eat This Winter

Enjoy the Season's Freshest Foods


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THANKS!!!!! Love the kale & turnips Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Wow! To my surprise, i I am already esting almost every veggie that was discussed. I've been making soups with kale, collard greens, turnip tops, and leeks for years. These vegetables were introduced to me through my mom, dad, and my grandmother. The only difference in cooking them is I cook them a lot healthier. My mom and grandmother are from the south and when cooking used a lot of salt pork, lard, and smoked neck bones ir smoked ham hocks. I steam or boil my greens and use dry seasoning and sea salt to flavor them. ( curry powder, cumin, coriander). Thank you for the info. It was very helpful. Report
Good article. Report
A great reference. Report
Thanks Report
These all look good Report
Great suggestions. Report
Thanks. Report
Thanks Report
Thanks! Report
Salads have become more complicated in the winter months up in Canada, and even as early as November the tomatoes were mushy. I look for healthy looking produce snd buy what the budget allows. This year local corn was very expensive ; so its slim pickings during our growing season as well as winter.
Thanks for listing all the vegetables and fruits available in the winter - a good way to try new freggies. Report
If this list contained all the fresh produce that was available for me to eat during the winter months, I'd starve. Only the citrus fruits have any appeal to me. I am guilty of buying some out-of-season fresh produce when it's available in my local markets, but I agree with Azure-Sky when it comes to the frozen produce. It (or low-sodium canned) is my go-to in the winter months. We have a really good farmers' market here, and the prices are easily better than most local grocery stores. It has me longing for summer! Report

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