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Printable 15-Minute Desk Workout

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Great work out Report
Good plan. Thanks Report
Horrible format. Not very usable , but could be. Report
I could only do a couple of these where I work. We have rolling chairs with arm rests and the walls have cupboards on them. But a couple is better than none Report
Definitely will give these a try. Report
Thank you! Report
Great ideas. Thanks! Report
Truly - only works when you work at home. Could not have a balance ball replace a desk chair in most offices - it's a liability and so it goes. You're at work to work. If you do exercise you are not covered by liability insurance and you become the liability. Otherwise it's a good workout. Report
My coworker and I tried this and we have roll-y chairs but he INSISTED that if we put them against the wall we could do the dips.... well he definitely landed on his booty and I got quite the ab workout laughing at him :D stay safe everyone! Report
I liked it. It was actually quite hard for me as I am new with lots of health issues. I like the stretches at the end to loosen me back up. I will continue this until I can do all the reps. Thank you! Report
Well I wouldn't call this workout a desk workout since only some of them are done seated. It should more accurately be called Office Workout. I saw that it said desk workout and thought, great here a workout I can do while seated at my desk. But no, some of them I can do, around half but all of the rest I can't do without getting away from my desk and use the rest of my office. Not very useful. It should be renamed. Report
I liked this workout- I work in a doctors office and I was able to use an exam room. I hope in the future that there is a way to track this exercise on my activity tracker. Report
This is unreadable where you have the links on the side, they're IN the article, so that doesn't work. Report
PRINT INSTRUCTIONS: up at the top you'll see where you can share on Facebook etc. There is a "MORE" option - click/hover over it and you'll get a drop-down menu.

In that drop-down menu under "MORE", you'll see the Print button. Voila! Report
Would like bigger pictures and full page printout format so that I could glance and know what to do next. Report

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