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Printable 15-Minute Abs Workout

Take the Video With You!


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Great info to help your abs. A few of these I do already. Thanks for sharing! Report
One of the really nice blog I found today. thanks for sharing good info about good motivation. Report
Thanks Report
great ideas for a workout.. Wish I knew how to save this video to help me work out. Report
Thank you a lot. I am going to do them definitely because I think this will help me a lot. Report
I just tried it for the first time this is a great workout for abs thanks Report
Thanks so much for this ab workout. This is what my coworker and I needed to go along with our walks. Report
I have only done this once and can feel the strength in my core after I finished. Great series! Report
I'm so glad there's a print out for this one! Thanks a lot. Report
love this article
thanks so much! Report
Is there anyway to copy to a MP3. I want to play on my portable DVD to take to work and workout during my breaks. It would help me tremendously. Report
I would LOVE to get all of the workouts in printable form - much easier for me to do the routine that way - thank you! Report
Mush142 - Same here, I find a lot of formatting a problem. In the meantime, keep sifting through the sheets. We might get work as a card dealer. Good Luck with your workout. Report
Printable version really great. I could never quite get to the end of this - as its a real killer. I can do it in two parts now.
No wonder I get the fat around my middle - the muscles are really out of shape. Report
wow!what a wonderful site!! i really happy to see these programs.sure i am going to follow these programs and fit for everyday life with enthusiasm
thank you very very much
muthusrk Report

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