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Safety Tips for Nighttime Exercisers

Because You Can Never be Too Careful


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The problem in my neighborhood isn't the people. They will come to your rescue should you need it. I know this because a visitor for stuck in my ditch in the middle of the day and everyone home came to help. Our problem is the wildlife. Fox, possum, dogs, cats, and others. Report
I would love to believe that people would already know not to carry money or any valuables. But, people don't always 'carry' common sense Report
Thank you! Report
Practical and helpful. Very straight-forward! Report
Common sense advice. Unfortunately common sense is not so common! Report
great! Report
Or find some nice exercise videos on Spark or Youtube. :-) Report
It says to not carry money to not be targeted. But how will a potential attacker know whether or not I have a $20 bill in my pocket? Report
Great article. Report
I live in a nice residential neighborhood but there are no sidewalks and no shoulder on the side of the road. Therefore, we don't like to walk in the dark. I've considered the reflective vests and maybe a headlamp, but feel like a real nerd wearing a headlamp....but I'd rather be a nerd than hit by a car. Report
Good tips and reminders for all who walk or run. Best tip is about FACING ONCOMING TRAFFIC on roads where there are no sidewalks. Nothing is scarier to a driver than to come up behind someone, and I encounter far too many people who do not know of or obey this one very important rule. I usually shout 'WRONG SIDE!' out the window at them. Report
Great tips, but I do none of them other than have my dogs with me. Report
Great tips but the flashing light thing is awful from the perspective of a driver. If you're going to use a light, don't use one that flashes because drivers have a hard time determining your location or distance. I know because I am both a walker/runner and a driver where there are LOTS of walkers, runners and cyclists. Cyclists tend to use the flashing lights most and I have a REALLY hard time pinpointing their location on the road at night. Report
I'm not sure that I agree with the "don't carry your room card" and leave at the front desk. Most hotels will require you to show ID to get your card back and it can take quite a while if the staff are busy. I also think I would feel a bit exposed not having it when I re-entered the hotel. Report

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