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Jumping Rope for Fitness

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Thank you! This one was a hard one for me. I will give some of your ideas a try and hope for the better.

Suggesting a rebounder for anyone liking to jump rope but not feeling ready to, up to it, having arthritis, joint issues, or coordination worries. Report
I have cordless jump ropes that have a LCD screen and registers time, calorie and jump counter from rotation. What's great is you don't have to jump high (no knee impact) or worry about getting tangled up and falling and you can jump inside without worry of breaking anything or hitting the ceiling. You can get them on Amazon or eBay. Report
Jump roping is not for me, I'd have 2 black eyes Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Before I left the hospital after my first knee replacement, I was told no running, jumping, or falling. I have taken this advice to heart, my bionic knees do have a shelf life. Because both feet leave the floor at the same time, it ups the jarring and the impact of the exercise. Jumping for me is virtual, fake rope as a warm up for a workout. There is minimal impact when mainly heels leave the floor. This is a great way to increase my heart rate without catastrophe for a girl who can trip on a speck of dust! Report
I just noticed a young lady jumping rope at the gym yesterday. (didn't even know they had jump ropes). Great article, will use this one real soon. Report
When I was a kid, jumping rope was my best hobby! I loved double dutch! I was great at it! Now I can't even jump twice in a row without messing up! I have had 3 babies, 2 of which were over 9 lbs...I have to fix THAT area before I can jump or skip without accidents!!! Report
Thank you for the great training program! One of the things I really liked about this article is that you said how to get the right size rope for our height. That's really important! If your rope is too small, then you won't be good at jumping rope at all. Report

I am not clear on how jumping rope can be considered high impact since you only rise at most 1 inch from the surface you are jumping rope on. It will only be high impact if you lock your knees when landing, As for it being hinh impact because both feet are off of the ground the same occurs when running but proper running technique landing on the ball of the landing foot with the knee bent and under your centre of mass mitigates the impact. Landing with the knees slightly flexed when jumping rope also mitigates the minimal impact. Find a video of a boxer jumping rope, they are actually skipping rope with the feet barely clearing the floor. Report
I just started jumping recently. I am still just trying not to have so many trip ups... last time i jumped Ford was President!

It is such a great workout I can't believe there is not more people here talking about it here. Report
I agree with CarolJ35 - The War Rooms movie is great and the jump rope competition is very inspiring - probably my favorite part of the movie. Report
This is great, but i have low impact knees - affected by years of flat feet. I used to love jumping rope but jumping is no longer one of my skills/abilities. I recommend it to anyone who can do it. Report

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