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Stop and Chew Your Dinner: The Benefits of Slowing Down While Eating


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I have significantly slowed down since I retired. As a nurse there were a lot of times that I didn’t have time and I tended to eat on the run. Because of interruptions I learnt to eat my food cold. Report
I like the idea of being the last to finish. Report
I have long been a "slow chewer," but I have never thought about purposefully finishing last. I like it! Report
Good ino Report
Bears repeating... Report
I've always been a slow eater, often the last person finished (most times I just leave my food when I notice everyone else is finished) Report
Thanks. Report
Good advice. Thanks. Report
I must be getting better at slow eating. We stayed with friends for 3 weeks while our house is undergoing a remodel. I was always the last person to finish eating. Report
I eat breakfast with SparkPeople, lunch with the comic strips and the puzzles and dinner with DH in front of an old movie or old TV show. He is a super slow eater and over the years I have slowed down considerably. I love my routines, so probably won't change, but I am chewing my food more because of a beginning problem with reflux. This was a really informative article. Report
Good points. Not easy to do when you are in the habit of eating fast... Report
Yes, good advice. Enjoy don’t shovel it in Report
Good advice. I know I eat too quickly. Report
In the last 2 weeks, I've had a few episodes of my esophagus going the wrong way. Others in my family have the same problem and they say to eat slower and chew well. I'm sure this helps, but I sometimes think something else is going on as well. I think my food fights to go down against coming back up. Feels like I need to burp, but everything is in the way. I just hope I can be more mindful and eat slower and chew well and it doesn't come back... Report
A work in progress. Report

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