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Good Grief

Turn Bad Times into Good Opportunities


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What a wonderful article.
Am very familiar with the grieving process as we were taught this in nursing school when I attended in the early 1980's. As well, have experienced them personally in my life on several occasions.

It is important to realize that there are no set limits on how long a person grieves as each person is unique & goes through the stages differently as mentioned in the article.
Stressing that there are no bad feelings is important! Dealing with these feelings in a constructive way is better than breaking something because we are frustrated at the moment. Using a punching bag helps and if you dont have one then use a pillow to vent on. Once one releases that pent up feeling, that pillow comes in handy to hug after & let the tears flow. Tears are very cleansing.
Thank you for writing this article. It is very informative. Report
A truly wonderful heart-warming - yet practical - article!
I first got acquainted with these elements or stages by watching the film All That Jazz in the early eighties, but knowing about them isn't much help when it's time to go through the grieving process - especially when you don't even realize that what you're going through is just that. Thank you, Coach, for pointing out all those instances of 'silent' grieving.
And of course, thank you for stressing out again that there are no bad feelings. I tend to forget this! Report

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