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Good Grief

Turn Bad Times into Good Opportunities


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I grieve the loss of Dean Anderson. Report
Thank you. Report
Many thanks Report
Sometimes the grief process is in different order and others don't have all of them. Report
Grief is also different with different losses. I lost both of my parents and struggled with those. However, losing my husband of 46 years has completely devastated my life. I am working through it but will never be over it. I'm not the same person and my life is not the same. Report
An important topic! Report
These five steps only really relate to someone who has been told they are going to die. Grieving does not follow any sort of process like that. and Elaine K-R has started to say her five steps are not really that good for someone in the process of dying. Report
Some good information for everyone Report
there is some good things in the article but everyone grieves differently. the so-called phases of grief have been discontinued. they are not any longer considered always valid. Grief can last a short time or a long time, some people grieve deeply, some do not.... its an individual experience. Report
It's a part of life, SparkFriend. It is an eye-opener and I've learned through the death of my Dad, life goes on. Report
We have a Grief Share class at my church right now. I'm on the fourth week, very good.
This year,I lost both my mother and father within 6 months , a sister, a father-in-law, grandmother and elderly friend in between 2012-14 and some other family members I wasn't very close to this year, and another relative on his death bed as we speak. Had an acquaintance shoot and kill his mother and brother this year. And a friend of the family killed in a burning car a couple years ago.

I KNEW that after Dad died in June...that I had better get help dealing with all these things, before emotions began going in a wrong direction. Sometimes you need to be aware that you may not be handling as well as you think you are. Embrace the opportunities for help. Report
Great article! Thanks for posting. Report
This is a very good article. I'm glad it is here. As I learned long long ago you do have to go through to get better. One thing I did learn is God is not the enemy, death is. And yes we need to grieve just don't stay stuck there. Report
Love this. Report

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