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Homemade Beauty Recipes for Fall

Harvest Your Natural Beauty with Real Pumpkin!


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Good info. Report
OMG! I am so happy I found this. I like using scrubs and try different kids of them but this one is definitely a must try. This is very rejuvenating. Thank you for posting and sharing this. Report
I wish I knew a way to put these recipes into my recipe book on Spark. Report
you should never use cinnamon on your skin, it can burn. Report
I worry this would clog the shower drain. Report
Not impressed. The scrub was runny and left me feeling sticky. My face feels tighter after the facial mask, but the stickiness did not win me over. I'll stick with my coconut oil-sugar scrub! Report
Great recipes for pumpkin treatments. I am a esthetician and will totally try these out:) Report
We have a local famer's market with lots of pumpkins. i will definitely be picking one up during my next trp. who knew such a fun food could also be good for you? thanks! Report
Ooo!! Very thankful for this article! This gives me a great idea for my next "girl's night in" with my girlfriends. :) Report
This article made me hungry for pumpkin...! Report
This is great! I will enjoy making my own cosmetics out of a pumpkin. Report
Never thought of pumpkins being used in this manner. Interesting!!! Report
I adore pumpkin (the smell, taste, look, everything), so this article immediately caught my interest. I love the recipes - though they sound like the type of thing I'd want to eat instead of use on my body. But I think I'll probably try a couple of these when pumpkin season rolls around again. Report
What a great article! I just recently started making all my own beauty products, lotions, shampoo, deodorants, lip balms etc and love these recipes! I use only organic ingredients and it is still MUCH less costly than buying these things! Also a great use for leftover pumpkin when I have more than a recipe calls for! Report
Interesting article. I'll stay with Neutragena products and bake a pumpkin pie and eat some. Remember, they say beauty comes from the inside out. LOL Report

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