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What Are Sugar Alcohols?


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there's many different kinds of sugars. Report
It's not Sugar.
It's not Alcohol.
TOL and behold what are Sugar Alcohols? Report
Excellant information Report
Thanks for the helpful informatuib Report
Good article. Report
Sugar keeps being renamed. And that hurts those that are really trying. Good article Report
I'd strongly recommend trying a tiny amount first to see how you react. A long time ago I got a chocolate pie at a store that was sweetened with malitol and sorbitol. The three of us here at home each had a piece, and I seemed okay, but the other two had a severe case of diarrhea, including my elderly mother who was greatly weakened by it. It was a little scary for her for awhile. I gather some people are EXTREMELY sensitive to these sweeteners. Report
Great article. Very helpful. Thanks so much!! Report
Great info! Report
great help Report
I am an optimist.
It does not seem too much use being anything else.
- Winston Churchill Report
I really want to stay away from all artificial sugar. I am addictive to the sweet taste of anything with sugar in it. If I have artificial sugar in candy or soda I believe it will trigger my sugar craving. Once triggered it takes a while to recover for me. Report
I def have a problem my 1st blog..its short. Report

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