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Facts on 100-Calorie Snack Packs

Do Good Things Really Come in Small Packages?


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It is interesting to me that people would buy expense snacks and then consume two or three. It show that the answer to or issues are not outside us. Report
I really believe what this article says!! I bought a box of Slim Fast snack bars, they're 100 calories each (I think). so one day I was craving a piece of chocolate, and ended up eating 3 of the bars, which totally defeats the purpose!! Report
I used to buy the 100 cal packs. I don't any more. I do however make my own using the snk baggies. I'm a weighin' measuring fool! Report
I find these are much too expensive. I buy snack size ziplock bags and measure out my own snacks. I can control it better this's worth the time I take to count or measure snacks out. Report
You have to be careful, many of the foods listed are high in salt which will put on fluid - I can gain 4 pounds just in water weight with salty food!! I avoid it at all cost!
The little 100 cal packs are nice because they can stay without going bad and truly be for emergency only!
I do love carrying apples, carrots, bananas and raw almonds - they are always good. They satisfy the sweet and crunch that's often needed. Report
I love 100 calorie packs. They give me something to vanquish my cravings without leaving me with an entire bag or box of temptation! Report
This report is very helpful to me. Gonna make some bags 0f peanuts when I am on the go that will be a cheap snack. Als celery with Peanut butter I like that. Susan Report
I would lose weight simply because after I bought these I would have no money left over for other food, lol. I guess they are helpful to some people, but not me. Snack foods do not satisfy my hunger pangs, esp. in such mini quantities. Report
I bought a food scale at the local drug store ($9.99) and it helps me. I create my own single serving baggies of things so I have them convenient. I like to have 100 cal packs of cheerios in the car, because life can get crazy-busy. It's inexpensive, filling and nutritious, and easy to log on my nutrition page. Report
Snack packs work for me sometimes with nuts or foods that aren't too sweet , and have some fiber. If I buy cookies they are too sweet for me and I end up eating the whole box. Report
This was a good artical it brought up some points I don't always remember. I do like the 100 cal packs in a pinch, (unexpected car trips, last minute lets go to the park for the afternoon, etc.) so I don't have to do the work of packing my own. Most of the time I do prepack my snacks from full size containers so I think they do work for me. Report
Wow - who knew how much $$$ is wasted on those little packages.
I will be making my own 100 calorie packs from now on. However I must say - I will probably keep the ChipsAhoy Triple Chocolate 100 calorie cookie packs in my desk till I get the rest of my cravings under control. Report
She can make 1 Tbsp of peanut butter last through 5 pieces of celery? I can go through 1 Tbsp of peanut butter on One piece of celery! I like the ideas though. I'll eat the 100 cal pack of popcorn at night if I really want something before bed, and it helps me from grazing through the entire fridge. At work sometimes I will have a bite sized candy in the afternoon, but just about 1 every 2 weeks when I really want candy. Other than that, I use the author's ideas. My fave is cruciferous veg. in hummus. Report
I really like the idea of making your own 100-calorie snack packs. Often you can use zip-top bags (which you can re-use) and you can make the snack packs with the foods YOU want to eat. Your favorite healthy snack might not be available in a snack pack portion size, or it might be too pricey for you. No problem, make your own! Report
I had a bit of a Abbott and Costello moment with my mom when i saw her eating these snacks. She thinks they are great, but I've never thought they were a good idea. I'd say "yeah, Mom, but you're eating COOKIES" and she's say "well, yeah, but only 100 calories" and on it would go. So I guess it works for some people, but it's never really made sense to me to make bad snacks more accessible. Report

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