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Facts on 100-Calorie Snack Packs

Do Good Things Really Come in Small Packages?


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thanks Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Good article Report
Great info! Thank you! Report
Good article, thanks. Report
alternative snacks a plus!! Report
Snack packs are too hard to resist. 8-) Report
i always have pretzels,nuts and pocoprn in car for traveling with atleast one or two of the "snack pack". will now discontinue with the packs. Thanks Report
I find these are helpful when I travel. Since I have to spend 3 days on the road a month these are convenient as opposed to a hotel restaurant. While expensive, it is not as expensive as the hotel vending machines and I always have the snack I want. Report
Good article Report
Thanks. Report
Thanks for the list of alternatives to the snack packs. while some of the ready made snack packs are healthy, the are a bit expensive. When time permits, I prepare my own using similar ingredients. Thanks for the 411! Report
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OK, I lied: I'm NOT ditching my pre-made snack packs. All 100-calorie snack packs are NOT created equal. Emerald 100-calorie packs of almonds and other nuts, sugar-free jello or pudding snack packs, string cheese, or beef jerky sticks (though not for me personally) are all GREAT, convenient, low-calorie packs that still provide some nutritional benefits. Sure, the 100-calorie packs of potato chips or cookies are empty calories -- but I'm not eating junk food anymore anyway, so they're not on the menu. Report

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