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Proper Gym Etiquette

How to Play Well with Others While Working Out


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Great info! Thanks! Report
AMEN! Oh how I wish people followed these! Report
Wish these were posted where I workout. It really is common sense, but I believe many at the gym lack it. Report
Great article. So many people hog weights and equipment and don’t seem to appreciate that they’re not at home and things are there to be respected, looked after and shared. I now have a set of equipment, weights and resistance bands at home. No more gym stress for me! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
This list should be mandatory reading for all gym members! Report
Good to know Report
So many people do not wipe down the machines when they are done. It is disgusting. I always wipe down before and after. Report
Thanks Report
Excellent advice, thanks for sharing. Report
Absolutely Report

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