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Exercise and Your Period

What You Need to Know to Go with the Flow


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Auna_Cycle a fertilized egg being implanted IS the beginning of pregnancy, either via natural implantation, or implantation via medical intervention. No further info required. Report
You mentioned what happens when a fertilized egg were to be implanted, but not what would happen if pregnancy were to happen naturally. That part seems incomplete. Please add to that section of the article. Thank you! Report
That's a well articulated post about menstrual cycles and their impacts on women's health. Definitely, exercise must be carried out in menstrual days with proper medical suggestions in order to stay fit and alive. Also, women should take care of following best menstrual practices such as usage of menstrual cups as suggested by notable brands like so that periods should not harm or become an obstacle in their exercise routine. In fact, some women medical practitioners even think of using a cup menstruelle as one of the defensive exercise techniques that women should follow in their menstrual days. Report
Nowadays women are unaware about their body. Regular exercise keeps the muscles impact which later results into good physique. It's the monthly thing which will go on and on. So women should not stop the routine workout during menstrual days. To be prevented during those days, one must opt coupe menstruelle économique which encourage the users to engage with their bodies during menses. During those days the hormones are not balanced, which results in mood-swings and anxiety problems. By doing medication and yoga the body automatically starts retaining its pure energy which later helps.
Every other month I experience very low energy days during my period, so I take it easy, but I plan on doing some type of exercise anyway. Report
lifetime avid exerciser, never experienced menstrual cramps or any troublesome period symptoms, 41 yrs old. Report
Thanks for the tips but don't see that anymore. Report
Exercise during my period is NOT an option. I have PCOS and get contractions along with the cramps, bleed extremely heavily, and clot. I have seen a doctor, yes, but that doesn't mean I'm suddenly going to be jumping up and running on the treadmill. What it does mean is that I'll be lying low and on narcotics to dull the pain, along with having nausea and the occasional migraine.

If you're one of those "normal" women who get to exercise and leave the house during your period, lucky you. This advice does not apply to all, and a trip to the doctor isn't necessarily going to change your life. Report
I've found that eating food high in Iron helps cravings, beets, tomatoes, spinach, etc. And light exercise: Long walk with music, or 10 reps of a few strength workouts. Report
I think this all depends on the person and where they are in life. I am 46 and in the Peri-menopause stage. Every month is different and exercise isn't always possible. And yep I talked to my Doctor and she advices that I do what I can when I can. If you wonder why I said exercise isn't always possible it's because I also get migraines. Report
Had horrible cramps this morning so I popped some ibuprofen and did a moderate weight training dvd. I felt so much better afterwards and I'm still feeling pretty good several hours later! Report
I noticed that when I went through menopause, my period turned into a question mark.

Thanks...I'll be here all week! Report
Caffeine will not make cramps worse. Midol and those types of menstral medications include caffeine for this exact reason.

Otherwise great article. Report
Exercising during period days can get anyone exhausted very fast. Iron pills need to be taken by every woman.If staining is an issue,use period panties during exercise.Me and my friends use adira period panties.They do a good job. Report
Please have your iron levels checked. Women who regularly have low iron levels tend to have heavier flow--not the other way around. If you get the iron level right-your flow (many times) will be lighter. Report

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