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Homemade Beauty Recipes for Skin

Natural Treatments for Face & Body


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Thanks for sharing! Report
Along with Katonthemat I must agree about liking the addition of a Use by time frame. However, my favorite milkshake is a banana milkshake with a little vanilla. I'll enjoy having the milkshake as well as smelling like one after the facemask. hahaha

Well, it is the thot that counts right? hahaha
Thank you.

My wife is allergic to most man-made chemicals found in soaps, shampoo, makeup, and all cheap fragrances (meaning perfume/parfum less than $200 an ounce). I keep searching to assist her. I'd learned about using cinnamon, cocoa, and such but this will help. I'm in your debt. Report
Thanks good article Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
Good for the ladies! Report
Always nice to learn new things! Report
Interesting! Thanks . Report
thanks Report
Thank you for the ideas. Report
Love the info from all the comments. Report
Anyone with known botanical allergies should be careful with some of these. Lavender and chamomile are way more potent than you might think. Report
do a lot of DIY like these for cleaning products and beauty care. i'd like to see more articles like this. Report
The comments make sense. Report
It is very hard to find pure and potent essential oils. You have to really research the company and the owners of the brand you choose. They are not FDA regulated and can say "100% pure" "organic" and not be at all. It's crazy. All this to say I love my oils but be careful. Never order from amazon! You can buy replacement caps for 25 cents and anyone can sell on there and adulterate them easily. Just my input! Report
Seems it would be cheaper to purchase one of the many products already made commercially. Report

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