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Are Your Friends Making You Fat?


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I think we can have several kinds of friends, depending on our moods, and we make the decision as to just how much deprivation we we feel like enduring, at any given time. Report
Thank you very much Report
Good article. I had to step away for some activities with associates but after I explained that it was for my health they were supportive. It was a difficult decision. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Thank you! Report
Stay true to yourself. Report
thanks Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
I have a few co-workers that seem to want to keep me fat. Both keep giving me candy and cookies. I need to learn the words “no thank you”. Report
My husband always helps. As a result HE loses all the weight... not me! ;) Report
My family did and now my husband have been a bad influence on me. I will no longer let that happen to me. Report
A great article. I have had to change many of my associates due to some of them encouraging me to eat unhealthy. Those focused on health are very supportive on our "unusual" eating needs Report

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