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Common Myths about Happiness


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A great reminder to be happy today on our road to tomorrow!
Thank you Report
Great article alot of good advice Thanks for sharing Report
This is a GREAT article!!!!! Report
Inspiring article. Report
Great Article Report
Great article ! In my almost 70 years I have learned to be happy with what you have, don't obsess over what you want to have. Choose a few good friends you can trust and rely on, don't hold a grudge. People you hate or detest probably don't know about it and wouldn't care if they did. Get involved in your kids as they grow teaching them respect and to live by their word, lead/teach by your actions and words. Kids grow up fast and we only have one chance. Rich or poor isn't important as long as you have basic necessities. One's work isn't important as long as it's legal and you do the best job you can at it. Treat others with respect and they shall respond in kind. Always greet people with a smile and a warm hello they will reciprocate in kind; if not, then don't worry and don't get angry, Just carry on Report
This is a great article. Money does not buy happiness! I learned that growing up. We were really poor, but never realized it, until I was in high school. My Mom and Dad always seemed like they enjoyed their life even tho we had very little. There was 6 of us kids and we are still very close. They are the best and life would be very difficult if they were gone. Enjoy every day - and be thankful! Report
This article is awesome and I wish some people in my family would read it. Happiness is a choice. What you choose to focus on. Get the negative mantras out of your head. Stop thinking I am not going to eat x anymore(some sugar fat filled substance) and start thinking that I'm going to eat an apple every time I grave x. Stop focusing on the past and start focusing on your progress. Happiness is a mindset. Choose it. You will be better for it. Report
Great article ... I would add that a new promotion or things can give you a short term happiness, but over the long term, you need that inner joy that will stick with you through tough times or good times. Report
This is a fabulous article. I agree that gratitude and acknowledging all the "little things" are what, in the end, equate to a life of satisfaction and a feeling of a life well lived. There are no small miracles. Every breath we take is a gift and a miracle in and of itself. Report
Knowledge, perception and attitude! Report
I love this article. I was just having this conversation with my husband yesterday. He keeps saying things to me about changing OUR lives, finding OUR happiness - and I keep trying to explain to him that I'm happy with my life, I'm doing what I choose to do and it works for me. Wishing for things I don't have, and probably can't have at this place in my life, just makes me unhappy; so why do it! Report
"Happiness is an inside job!" ~ William Arthur Ward Report
Good advice! Report
All so true! Thank you so much! Report

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