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Spinach: Popeye's Favorite

Lettuce? You Don't Need No Stinking Lettuce


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I love spinach...thanks.... Report
I always have spinach in my fridge ready to toss into anything from omelets to smoothies to soups to pizzas to lasagna to salads to sandwiches. Report
I love making a spinach salad or just tossing spinach in with the other greens in my salad. I do toss it into some of the soups I make as well as the occasional smoothie that I will have Report
Good article. Report
Thanks for the information Report
Thanks for all the ideas Report
So many ways to use Spinach! Report
I love spinach. I stopped using lettuce. I use spinach and kale or spinach and arugula for my greens in salad. Report
Spinach in a frittata or omelet is one of my favorite ways to start my day with some veggies, of course there are mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and other veggies in there too. Report
I love spinach because it is so versatile. I'm going to try it in eggs now. Report
I cook it and put it in my egg in the morning along with Tomato. I also add it to my Lean Cuisine's to get anothe veggie in my day.

I love spinach!!! Report
I don't care for cooked spinach, just can't get past the smell. I do use it in lasagna though. I mainly use 1 cup in my morning smoothie. Report
"There are only so many spinach salads you can eat in a week....."

I usually eat a spinich salad 7 nights a week LoL Report
I have always liked spinach, even the kind in a can!!! But I have learned a lot from this article and love the ideas others have included.
On Aldi's cream cheese package I found a great recipe for three cheese pasta containing a whole bag of spinach and it is not too high in calories as the amount of cheeses is well controlled. Maybe I should post that recipe! Report
I love to add spinach to salads and sandwiches. It's more flavorful than plain lettuce. Report

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