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Help Your Kids Love Their Bodies

Parent-Child Activities for Better Body Image


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definitely interesting Report
Good info. Thank you. Report
Good information and important! Thanks. Report
Good information and important! Thanks. Report
Good read! Thanks! Report
Sometimes this was easier said than done. Especially for my daughter Report
Thank you for the great informative Report
Thank you Report
During this time of Covid, with many television personalities broadcasting from home, it has been great to see them without professional help with makeup and hair! What a difference - the look more like the rest of us! Report
No one is addressing the elephant in the room.

While it is extremely important for parents to teach their children that they are beautiful inside and out regardless of their weight, it is just as important that parents say the same things about themselves.

How many moms have said,"I need to lose 10 pounds" in front of their children ? If mom thinks she's overweight, the child may think they're fat too.

So if you want to teach your child to love their bodies, you have to learn to love your own.
You have to believe it yourself first Report
interesting info--Thanks! Report
thank you Report
Very interesting! Report

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