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How to Choose a Personal Trainer

Things to Consider Before Making the Investment


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GREAT Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
Great information that I will be using soon! Thanks! Report
thanks. Report
A very good article on how to select a good fitness trainer. Report
A nice artice on selectng Personal trainer.
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Always go armed with your questions, and don't feel satisfied till your questions are adequately answered. It is an investment in YOU and you want the best bang for your buck. Report
I feel like when people hear "personal trainer" they imagine a buffed up, 6'4" guy in his twenties who will will make them do super heavy squats and eat a horse-load of protein powder. I might've been close to truth back in 80's but now with more studies, competitive fitness market and growing number of baby-boomers who want to lead a healthy life style things have drastically changed. Of course those huge body-builders trainers did not disappear but a new type of a Personal Trainer has appeared on the market. I am talking about really knowledgeable people with a degree in Kinesiology (science about body movement), Nutrition or Biology or people with a lot of experience who became personal trainers because of their own successful fitness story. I know it because I work a Fitness Director in one of the fitness facilities where trainers work with clients with serious conditions and health issues. Do you know that besides losing weight and toning up, a knowledgeable trainer can help his/her clients manage diabetes, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, relieve a back/neck pain and recover from an injury like broken ankle, displaced hip or pulled/torn ligament? They can even work in a heart attack/stroke recovery center. Of course, they must undergo special type of training to be able to do all those things. How can you find those trainers? Ask you doctor, surgeon or physical therapist. Very often those trainers work closely with medical professionals. Report
I'm a personal trainer and I specialize in women who are 50 and over and unfortunately for most women post menopause looking for a personal trainer is going to end in a nightmare.
You'd get so much more benefit from a good one then trying to do it yourself but finding a good one. Wow what a journey it is going to be. And good does not mean, certification from this agency or that one. Report
Every now and then I think about getting a personal trainer, and then common sense kicks in. I have back problems, and the last thing I need is a trainer who is part Marine drill instructor and part Torquemada. I wonder how many personal trainers can relate to someone who not 20 years old, doesn't wear a size 2 and has health problems. I want to get in shape, not end up in the hospital and months of physical therapy. Report
I find that personal trainers often push people to achieve what they couldn't/wouldn't on their own. For instance, many people will put down the bar or weight when they get too tired. Thus, never really pushing into that maximum benefit range. A trainer will not only provide the right regime to reach your goals but they will be the outside motivation you need to hit them.
ning/ Report
I feel like a good personal trainer is someone that will listen to you and will also be really straight forward about your goal and how to realize it. With internet these days, you can find a good personal trainer online that fits your needs. If I can recommand one that helped me a lot with my goals its but you can't have a program unless you talk to someone about your goals before. Report
If you can't afford one on one personal training, look into group fitness stuff. Lots of places do circuit style stuff where you do you own workout and don't have to keep with anyone's pace. Report
I was wondering are there personal trainer the are especially qualified for specific problems. You See I have spurs in my feet, knees, hips, and spine. I also have carbo tunnel in my hands, I have 2 deteriorating disks in my back, and a twisted spine. I also have sciatic nerve problems, and neuropathy, and no I am not a diabetic, and arthritis. I do suffer from a lot of pain and stiffness. I don't mean this as complaining, but are there personnel trainer that can help you loose weight but understand what is the best program for Someone like me. I was okayed by my doctor for low or no impact exercising? Also are there personal trainer who are physical therapists, and dietitons also? Report
Training has a large amount of physical benefits besides the actual psychological types. A few of these advantages range from the subsequent:

• Improved breathing
• Flexibility
• Strength
• Pain prevention
• Muscle tone

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