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A Guide to Walking Meditation

Zen and the Art of Multitasking


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Love to walk. I can always find things to "think through". Report
Walking always resets my brain! Report
I enjoyed this article - great information. I like to walk early in the morning when it seems the world is waking up (before the noise of traffic) to hear the birds and enjoy the smells and feel the breeze (if there is one). I also like to say the Rosary while I walk - that too, keeps me focused. Report
Wonderful article. Going to try method #1 today. My mind is always so full so this will be great to just focsu on my feet and nothing else! Report
Because of my balance and left sided problems I have to pay attention to the local surface (generally not paved) area to limit falls. I also want to see the surrounding areas and wildlife present (including the plants) I can usually combine the two pretty well. Report
I'm sharing this article with my meditation group! Report
Great article ,thanks for sharing Report
Meditation and lists in my head keeps me going. Report
Love to walk thanks for the great article Report
Thanks. Report
Thanks so much Report
Thanks, again. Report
Good need-to-know info while walking. Thanks! Report
Thank you Report
Great article - thanks for sharing Report

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