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Are the Benefits of This Diet Pill Worth the Cost?


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lots to think about. Report
My Dr recommended I take Alli. I have diabetes. The cautions say do not take if taking diabetes medications. Alli can cause serious public embarrassment with uncontrollable diarrhea. What? No way. I'm in public way too much for that. I chose not to take Alli but to change the way and things I eat and to start adding exercise. I have lost 30 lbs in 3.5 months. Yeah, I think I made the right decision. My changes are for life. Alli would've been temporary. Report
I do not think I will try it. Report
The comments were very helpful to see real life experiences. Report
Thank you for this article. My doctor recommended I try Alli, but I just had a suspicion that any diet pill is a poor idea. I appreciate the information here; it seems to back up that hunch pretty well. Thanks! Report
I tried it years ago and found it not that effective. Of course I wasn't ready to change the way I ate. If I thought I was going to have a high fat meal, I skipped the pill. IMO not worth it. changing the way I eat, exercise and live was the way to go for me. Report
I used it and it messed up my gall bladder. I didn't have to have surgery but I came close. I was very careful with the low fat diet and did it for a week before I started taking the medicine, but be sure to read the label if you have ever had any issues with your gall bladder, DO NOT take this stuff. Report
I believe I'll leave the pills for a "quick" weight loss and just learn to control portion size, and eat healthy. Fruits and Veggies are the way to go for me! This article was very useful, but I'll stick with eating healthy and exercising. Report
Weight loss is one of the biggest problem most of people are facing. Usings pills is a good option but one must consult doctor before using any pill
My mom is using the pill i.e. Alli. Our family doctor has suggested his pill.
Alli or Orlistat is intended to lose weight for people who are above 18 years old. People who follow reduced calorie and low fat diet. Alli diet pill is highly recommended to them. I must say it really works my motherlost 7lbs in first two weeks.

Before taking this pill I read whole information about it from
ls-solution-to-your-weight-problem/ to know all the benefits and side effects of the pill. Report
I took Alli 5 years ago and had all of the nasty side effects. Oh course I didn't stay on it, but even 5 years later I have to watch what I eat because my body still processes fat and oil in a not so friendly way. Report
Great post. I think product works as hard as you do. So the first step is pushing yourself in the gym. I've been using Cellucor product and I love it so far and I know it works for a fact. This is what I've been using if anybody wants to check it out
Thank you, good info! Report
Thank you, good info! Report
I never took the pill and never wanted too BUT it was Alli' website that I first used to learn good healthy information on making changes to learn to eat healthy. I used it pretty regularly never taking the meds until I found SP. I have know as long as I have wanted to lose weight that you have to change your eating habits but never did. Instead I used other methods for weight loss. it was after I made the commitment to myself in 2010 to actually learn how to change my eating habits and learn to live a healthier life that I learned it was NOT all about losing weight !!!!

Thank you SP !!!! Report
I found the greasy poops and stench to be untenable. Report

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