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Get Fit for Less Dough

Trim Your Waist, Not Your Wallet


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Good thoughts. Thanks for sharing. Report
thanks and thanks for the warning about the Y Report
I do all of my training at home. Report
Thank you for these great tips! Report
thanks Report
Thanks! Great tips! Report
I think planet fitness is $10 a month in Toronto but I’m not sure of the yearly fee. Fit4less is $5 every 2 week with a $44 yearly fee I have a 24 hour one down the road from me which works well since I often work until midnight. They’re really basic, but I don’t need fancy to get fit anyway. Also I walk to and from work (yes even in the freezing cold winter) which is 3 km each way. Makes it really easy to get in my 10000 steps each day. Report
Community centers are a lot less then then the Y.. You can get a monthly pass that you do not have to renew or 10-20 tickets that are good for 2 years for a number of different classes. You do not save much on their membership, so it is not worth it. You have to sign up where you live.They are run by governments & the community. Also Winners has small exercise equipment like yoga mats, light weights etc. at cheap prices for at home exercise routines. Report
We bought two exercise bikes, use them in the tv room. Especially if you watch sports, easy to time your self by quarters or halftime, etc... Report
Taking two steps forward and one step back is still progress! Report

If you really want to save money on fitness activities the only "equipment" you need is the contents of your skin suit, bodyweight training is a free do anywhere, anytime fitness activity. Report
I read that 60% of people who pay a contract to join a gym (usually for two years) never go even one time after they sign up, although they must continue to pay the membership. When they sign you up they don't really expect you will keep coming, but they get your money.
One hint I saw from a "Cheapskate" woman was interesting. She said her local "Y" which had great equipment and a pool, had a "Two for One" membership in December for the New Year. She didn't want to pay, so she went inside and talked to members and found an elderly man who was alone and he told her he'd pay to renew as he always did and he'd put her on his account as the "free" member. Thus she saved herself several hundred dollars each year. She said she went several times a week as being healthy saved her money. Oh, and she'd made friends with the elderly man who was a widower. Report
Another overlooked place to work out are local hotels with fitness centers. We have a hotel that offers low monthly rates. The fitness room is rarely crowded and has the basics-- weights, work out room for yoga,cardio, and strength-stability balls,bikes, elliptical, steppers, treadmills, weight machines for upper and lower body exercises, indoor pool, sauna, lockers, showers, towels,TV, even hair dryers. You are on your own but if you know how to use the machines from past experiences with gyms or can follow the easy picture instructions for the weight machines it's a pretty easy way to have a good workout. They also offer yoga and water aerobics with instructors that come in for a couple of sessions a week. All in all a very nice, quiet, stress-free workout environment with no waiting for machines. Report
You can also get workout dvd's and read the latest fitness magazine's at your local library with nothing more then a library card to take them home or stay in the library and read the magazines there if you don't have a card. Library cards are free so you can get one if you were so inclined. If you are considering a dvd to buy and you are not sure you will like it. you can always view clips for free on sites like collage video and you tube spark people has also had clips and free workouts here on their site. You tube also has some free full work outs. I hope my comments have been helpful to you.

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