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Your Fitness Future is in the Stars!


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I'm a Cancer, and it didn't come close to describing or fitting me. Sorry, but I never did hold much stock in horoscopes. Report
"Fun to read but not to be taken seriously!
Does not fit this introvert, asocial Aquarius in the least ! Most horoscopes do not fit me anyway ! "

It doesn't fit this introvert Aquarius either. ALL the horoscope books I've read have said us and Pisces are the quiet ones, so I don't see where she got the social butterfly from. I know that it's not one size fits all, but why would other horoscope books say this then? Report
I looked over the article. In this article's defense, not all articles on SparkPeople are based on scientific research, and the tips are good (although they are good for anybody, no matter what they have as their sign). However, this article can be offensive for Christians and other religions that are against looking toward astrology for guidance. Most people think it is harmless, but the in Christianity, the Bible warns against this. For some people that take astrology seriously, it is a belief system. If there is a Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or other religious article that people would not like to read, then they shouldn't read it. However, it should not be sent via e-mail to everybody, unless they elected to get those type of articles. Report
I'm a Cancer, and the "personality" it describes actually fits me very well. I love my family and love exercising near and around them (and trying to get them involved, too!) Though, I already live in a tropical area, so I don't mind -not- being near the water so much, lol.

As for people who read this and got all in a tiff that this was published on SparkPeople- Yes. These are BROAD generalizations- similar to exercise regimens made because you're a certain blood type, or just because you're male/female. Obviously, not one size will fit all. It was fun and enjoyable to read it. Yes, the description fit me rather well. My husband and son don't exercise, so I cannot say whether their signs fit them that well or not. The great thing about SparkPeople is that it's not one-size fits all. There are groups for religious folks, and there are groups for astrology folks. People will believe what they will.

Hopefully, though, people will have the common sense to take this article with a grain of salt, and stick with what works for them. If the article is spot on, and they're already doing it, great! If they're not doing anything the article suggests, ah well. If they're still looking for something that might make exercising more interesting... Well, this is a start. Report
I don't believe in astrology. As someone said, why look to the stars for answers when you can look to the maker of the stars? That being said, this description (Taurus) fits me to a T. I'm happiest exercising outside...hiking, walking, whatever. As for being stubborn, well... Report
The cool thing is... that we don't have to look to the stars to find our answers when we can look to the one who made the stars! Blessings! Report
Another aquarius that says "NO WAY", I have never been one to join a fitness class. I am not nearly coordinated enough, and I never have been. I have always been one to workout at home alone with videos. Report
I a an aquarian. This description would have been me in my younger days. Not now Report
I am an Aquarius and this horoscope for fitness did NOT fit me one little bit! I can be social but for the most part I'm more introverted and definitely when it comes to exercise, I prefer to be by myself. Report
Even though I am not a "horoscope" kind of person, Scorpio fit me very well. Interesting. Report
My astrological sign is Scorpio, and that article was spot on for me! But my dh is Aquarius, and it was way off by miles and miles! In fact, none of them but a little bit of Taurus even came close to fitting him. He was actually disappointed! Report
I often get a really great feeling from horoscopes but this one seems like it was picked out of the air. lol. If SP is going to get into astrology they should get an expert. Report
I found the format and tone of this article rather shallow. However, the specific suggestions are fine and could work for anyone, not just people born at certain times of the year. Report
Fun to read but not to be taken seriously!
Does not fit this introvert, asocial Aquarius in the least ! Most horoscopes do not fit me anyway ! Report
This didn't describe me, anyone in my family, or anyone else I know. However, my daughter's sign described me, my husband's described my other daughter... Report

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