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Healthy Fitness Horoscopes

Your Fitness Future is in the Stars!


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What a clever and fun way to look at exercise! Report
Taurus fit me on everything, I do have that stubburn streak. Report
I don't put any stock into horoscopes, because they are so generalized that it is almost ALWAYS possible to make it fit your current situation. However, that is the fun of them to me. Same thing with this. Thank you, Spark, for not always being HARD CORE FITNESS TO THE XTREEEEME--- sometimes a little smile works just as well. Report
Dang, what's with all the hate? I don't see anything wrong with a cute, lighthearted approach to diet and exercise. Why not have a little fun? Report
Using crock such as horoscopes to choose a workout is a bunch of bu11$hit. Shame on you Sparkpeople. Report
I don't believe in horoscopes either, but sometimes they can be fun. Mine and my mom's were accurate, but my dad's and my brother's were way off. Report
The only thing accurate about mine (Cancer) is being a natural in the water; absolutely love the water! On the other hand, my husbands was spot on (Scorpio). Good article though. Report
ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!! Don't forget to check out the "Healthy Eating Horoscopes", too. Just take your basic food issues and plug them into the Horoscope format....Voila another fluff article.......But I'm counting the points, anyway ;-) Report
Please remember that Leanne Beattie is a health & fitness writer, not an astrolger. I agree that all the suggestions are useful. If astrology is what it takes for some people to exercise, then dissuading them might be more detrimental than beneficial. Report
Interesting, mine was pretty accurate. Report
I have found all the articles on Sparkpeople to be well-researced, well-written, truthful, and helpful. But this article is nonsense. I'm disappointed in SP! It's not on the same level as the other material. Why would anyone think your birthday would have anything to do with your personality or workout style? Report
I don't much buy into horoscopes, but i was curious...and found my profile was on-point! I'm a Cancer and i love to work out at home, for the convenience and the privacy. I'm too shy and self-conscious to join a gym. I've accumulated lots of exercise equipment and DVD's over the years. Report
Check out the sign(s) in your 6th house - if you have your natal chart done. 6th House rules... exercise and health !! Dead-on for me. Aquarius and Pisces - signs in my 6th hous fit me wayyy better than my sun sign.

All good ideas to shake up your routine, no matter what you think of astrology :-) Report
How fun! A different twist to fitness planning. Why not! Report
Guess what?? Sagitarius fit me to a ""T""----- Funny!!! Report

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