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Healthy Fitness Horoscopes

Your Fitness Future is in the Stars!


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Cute article but I sure don''t match what she says about Leos and I would no more run a 5K race than I'd walk naked down Main Street. SP really pushes running but some people have medical issues that prevent them from running, and I am not talking about excess weight--I am at goal. Report
Boy, this fitness horoscope hit the nail right on the head with me! Being a Leo has its advantages and disadvantages! Report
I don't generally pay any attention to horoscope stuff either. I have read enough personality trait overviews of Capricorn to give it some credence, however this fitness horoscope could not be more "off". I agree with the others, it just ain't me. Report
Sweet article, but alas, your capricorn and this capricorn don't match ;) Report
This article was spot on about me. I am an Aries and I do get bored. I've been having a blast this summer with dancing, dance aerobics and a few stints in the gym. I have been mixing it up and it has guaranteed that I exercise at least 3 days a week and sometimes more. My challenge now is to fit in strength training as I'd rather do anything else besides that. Report
I'm also a Capricorn who doesn't 100% line up with the workout you suggested... I'll keep dancing and going to the gym. :) Report
Absolute nonsense. I have never been sent a link to such a nonsensical article by Sparkpeople in my 3 months here. I usually love reading something educational to motivate me in the morning while checking my email inbox. Stick to teaching facts not made up rubbish like astrology. Report
That is so perfect! I am a Cancer and I always preferred working out at home. I have a home gym with an elliptical, weights, swiss ball, balance board, and a wide array of DVD's. Although I enjoy the energy of a class, home is mostly where it is at! Report
I'm a Capricorn, and I have to say, this does not describe me at all! Perhaps I am atypical. Report
Absolutely my personality to a T!! Very interesting!! Report
OMG.....this is so true for the Libra in me....My husband ALWAYS tells me "It doesn't have to be your way.." now I have proof to show him, yes it does..... Report
Had to laugh when I read it... it was spot on for me. Report
um wow, i must be 100% scorpio. i swear they were reading over my shoulder. thats EXACTLY how i feel, to the core! Report
As a scorpio it was right on the money and the taurus ideas sound llke they would be good for the hubby. Report
Never saw a Fitness Horoscope before but the Aries was right on the money for me!!
I was surprised at some of the negative comments. I do agree that it was a FUN way to inspire fitness though!! Report

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