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Healthy Fitness Horoscopes

Your Fitness Future is in the Stars!


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Thanks for the article. Report
Thanks for the article. Report
I say this literally & with all respect ~
LIGHTEN UP !!! Report
Whether you believe it or not, it's worth 3 Sparkpoints. Click it and forget it. :) Problem solved. Report

Horrorscopes ar just about the stupidest thing to post on a site that purports to have a common sense scientific approach to fitness and weight losss. I cannot think of one thing in the maistream that is less scienific than horrorscopes.

We must kill these stupid things once and for all.

And anyone who comments one their teaits based on the date of their birth is ... I'm going to say it ... STOO-PID and they need a podcast that tells them to breathe in/breath out.

Sorry, I'm going all Keith Olberman on this and foaming at the mouth.

God this is a stupid article! Report
After reading some of the comments I went back and re-read the preamble to the article - doesn't say anywhere the opinions are scientific fact, researched and/or peer-reviewed (as is the case with some articles). So absent all of that - decide for yourself whether any of it applies and dismiss any that doesn't. In terms of whether the article is sparkpeople- worthy, if it helps one person, it is worthy. For me, one of the most powerful (meaning helpful/inspirational) aspects of SP is the diversity of information. I have found strategies that have worked even though they were counter-intuitive to my way of thinking, inspiration and determination from unlikely sources, so I say - bring it all on - I have the free will to choose what I read and what I act on. Just my opinion. Report
I'm torn on this one. Mine was dead on (Scorpio). But I am questioning why it is on Sparkpeople too. Yeah it's fun or cute but it is hokey and has little value.. I feel Spark is almost insulting us with this one.....BUT I did read it. So, what is that saying? Report
I'm in the "relax and have fun" faction here. If you don't like the topic of an article, don't read it. I skip things all the time. That's what I love about SparkPeople. I've learned new things, been exposed to things I wouldn't otherwise be exposed to, received new ideas from all sorts of surprising sources and, last but not least, had FUN along the way!
I'm with the "Sheesh, why is this crap on SparkPeople?" faction. I come to SP for useful information, not three-thousand-year-old nonsense that doesn't even take celestial basics like precession into account. And I'm saying that as a practicing witch as well as a scientist.

And I don't see what's fun about bad advice based on bad science and worse magic.

Fun - Mine was right on. I love when we can just chill and take take everything so seriously. Report
Lighten up folks ! I don't think Spark is claiming this to be the latest scientific research. It's just for fun. We remember fun don't we? :-) Report
Relax, people. Okay, this one's more fun than fact, but the great thing about this site is that it acknowledges we're all different. Maybe it will give someone an idea they can try. Some Geminis may not like -- or be able to do -- yoga. And some of us may prefer water aerobics and not have access to a pool. It's just a new way of thinking about what exercise suits you. Report
Really? Horoscopes now???? I have always loved how Spark People relies on legitimate research to back up its healthy lifestyle initiatives. This makes me really think twice about everything I'm reading here and will read in the future. Report
OMG!!! I'm a Scorpio and that fit me exactly!!! Report
I thought that this was cute, and it described me dead on!! I have always said I must be part fish!! I love the water, any water!! My favorite place to vacation is at the Beach or on Cruise, and my favorite form of exercising is my Water Aerobics!!! Oh by the way, I am a Cancer... Report

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