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Types of Arthritis

Comparing 3 Common Arthritic Conditions


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Good information. Report
I was diagnosed with RA at age 16. But it affects people in different ways. I am now 61, and have only had one or two flare ups in those 45 years. When it has, it was usually caused by stress. Report
I was hoping for information abou psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Report
thanks Report
Thanks for the information. Report
perhaps the reason fibro was included is that it feels so similar. I'm told I have fibro and ra and the aches are pretty similar. Report
Fibromyalgia is not considered a form of arthritis. I am very surprised that you wrote an article on arthritis and included fibromyalgia. Report
Very good and important information Report
I have arthritis in my hands and their bent at the joints. Report
Great article, Thanks! Report
Fibromyalgia is not arthritis it is a neurochemical issue.

The article states that there are at least 100 forms, but only references the two everyone knows about. Report
I have arthritis in my knees. Report
I have osteoarthritis. At some point over-the-counter pain pills don't work any more. Report
Good article. Very informative! Report
I have psoriatic arthritis which is not mentioned Report

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