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Carbohydrate-Counting Chart for People with Diabetes

A Single-Serving Reference Guide


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very helpful & useful Report
Good information Report
Very informative and helpful. Report
JANNEBARN what a weird comment!! First off....note the date of the article. Spark often re-publishes old articles. Don't blame the author. Second...what EXACTLY is out dated about the chart???

While in recent years there has been more discussion of the effect of other diet influences than carbs, I don't see ANY recommendations here for ANY specific amount of carbs that any one of us should consume. The actual grams of carbs in foods is baseline, scientific information. How YOU choose to use it depends on the parameters you and your medical advisors have set up.
Helpful...thank you. There are positive and negative/hurtful ways of saying things. I appreciate the people who take the time to find a positive way to say things. Report
Typical Becky Hand - outdated information. Report
Very helpful! Report
I am diabetic and this chart will really help! Thanks! Report
Thank you. I will copy the idea of sticking it on the fridge. Report
I still need work on not over eating carbs and fats. Report
White v whole grain bread - I think the chart is misleading in that it gives carb values but does not differentiate between white and whole grain bread. This is a 2009 article, and I think there has been some new thinking on how to manage the carbs. Report
This chart will be invaluable to me. I will put it on the fridge and have instant information when making a meal and plating it.

Thank you so much, Report
My only thing is I was told to stay away from all cereals period. Report
Thank You for a great article. Report

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