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Eating Well with Type 2 Diabetes

Nutrition Know-How


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so i understand that you should break your meals down but I do not have a dietician or nutritionist I can go to so I dont know how to get one for diabetes since I have it type II
for example how do we divide up meats, veggies, milk etc between these meals and snack etc Do I decided for myself Report
This is the main reason I became a SPARKER, was so I'd NEVER deal with diabetes. Report
I am so thankful for dietary help, and the guide to send me back to the diet my dietitian had given me. I do have to break down my meals into 6 mini meals. Report
So much information. I have added so much to my Spark Favorites to I can go over all of this again. Thank You!! Report
Fantastic article !! Even though I have books on the subject the article breaks select information down for quick reference. Inspirational and very helpful.
Thank you !
tigress Report

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