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Eating Well with Type 2 Diabetes

Nutrition Know-How


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Very good information. A diabetic educator is always a great idea. I was recently diagnosed and my endocrinologist immediately scheduled me to meet with the diabetic educator. It was very helpful. She was able to answer a lot of questions that I had and explain how and what I needed to eat. Report
It is not a bad idea for those of us carrying significant extra weight to use diabetic dietary guidelines since we are at a higher risk for developing type II diabetes. Some of us also have the possibly added risk of having a number of type II diabetics in our families. Report
Holy Cow, if my husband had followed the recommendations of this article, 60 grams of carbs at each meal would have eventually killed him. He can't do near that many carbs and he checks his BS all the time. I think this article is outdated. Report
Good information but needs to be updated. Report
Some info outdated, but anything to get you healthy and your A1C down will track favorably. Report
I work on this and still go over on my carbs some days. I enjoy fruits that add up a little faster than the other foods. Report
The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears. —MINQUASS PROVERB ~4/18/18 Report
I am not diabetic but my hubby is. Thanks for the good information Report
Very interesting. Report
Thanks Report
Excellent suggestions. When I was first diagnosed w/type 2 in 2010, it was devastating. BUT when I found SP it was the beginning of the best health of my life. Turned around my diabetes and hypertension w/nutrition, exercise and a short time on medication (and have been off for 7 yrs. now). Hurray for healthy lifestyles. Report
Excellent article, good need-to-know information. Report
Great ideas for everyone. Report

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