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Eating Well with Type 2 Diabetes

Nutrition Know-How


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Thank you. Report
Great article Report
Very helpful article. Report
enjoyed reading this info -Thank yu! Report
Very interesting article Report
Thanks for sahring. Report
Good to know. Report
thank you Report
Good info but somewhat outdated. I would like to see a "reviewed on date" on articles this old so I can determine if they are still correct. In the world of food, it changes all the time. Report
Thank you for sharing. Good information. Report
Just as I'm thinking I know it all, I read a suggestion for adding pureed pumpkin to yogurt. I love this idea! Things have changed since thins article was written, so I'm adding it to my sugar-free Greek yogurt! 8-) Report
Diabetes is in my family. I work hard to keep it under control. My Diabetes educator is a great help. Report
I ate fewer carbs than the recommended here before diagnosis and was diagnosed eating that lower amount. (My average was 120-130 grams per day). To lower my A1c I have to get it down to 50-80 grams per day. Also have problems with that high of fiber, though I know that isn't a problem for most people.

What I need to do is follow what my doctor recommends and definitely NOT what the dietitians I have seen said to. They, in fact, recommended taking cans of fruit with me and having them for snacks with no protein or fat with them. Report
Great basic overview! Seems on par with current recommendations. And health/longevity studies.

I understand that beans and legumes contain carbs, but I wish you had included them in the protein alternatives category - maybe with an explanation that they include both? Report

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