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Eating Well with Type 2 Diabetes

Nutrition Know-How


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I love a good salad ... my free food Report
Really good article Report
Thanks for sharing Report
wow. great info; and me, in the 'zone' to absorb it! TY🌼🙏 Report
Useful Report
I am glad that I like so many non-starchy vegetables! Report
Thanks Report
It has been13 years since this article was written. Some great points but a few that could be updated. Time for a review perhaps. Report
I could be a third generation diabetic. "could"...not gonna happen Report
I don't eat this many carbs for years now. If I did, my bs would climb. Report
Good article..with a few things that should be changed, like not putting beans and legumes also in with protein sources. I would add that not all medical professionals are up-to-date on information on diabetes so I believe one should shop around for one that is. I have found that sticking to real, whole foods have been the best bet for me. Little to no processed foods and concentrate on eating moderate amounts of meat and fruit, then all the vegetables I want (including healthy fats like olive oil). It is great..I feel much better and lose weight. When I slip, I just remind myself that I'm human and get back on track! Report
Thank you. Report

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