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Start a Small Streak

Public Streaking Encouraged


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Great article Report
I just came off a streak of not having French fries, chips or anything potato related of 75 days!!!! Report
My streak is to exercise 10 minutes every day and/or walk at least 200 Steps per hour during day. Report
Consistency leaves a mark on all aspects of life. Report
My streak has been 2 months drinking 8 glasses of water, exercising 10 minutes or more every day. I lost 6 pounds in a month, improved immensely in physical therapy so, I am getting stronger. I hate my stomach more than anything, I am starting a thirty day ab challenge today. Report
Streaks are very important to improve myself. Report
Hard to pick my favorite, but have to go with the "dog ate my homework!" Report
Totally love this slide show. I've had some trouble motivating myself off the couch. Getting my current job and loosing 18 pounds in the process has motivated me off the couch. :) Report
Before coming to SP had not heard of this streak thing, but I guess I had already done it. I had trouble with terrible hot flashes. I read that the aspartame and carbonation in di├Ęt soda could contribute to flashes. I was willing to try anything! I quit drinking soda last September. NO MORE HOT FLASHES! I don't know if it will work for anyone else, but it did for me. Report
My first streak is to exercise for at least 10 minutes each day as that is where I am really lacking. I hope this works! Report
I don't get what a 'streak' is, or what it's for. It's just counting the days that you have done something, or not done it?
I do say at times 'I will try this or that for one month' or for 'x weeks'. To learn something new and to experience what it's like. But a streak seems to be about something that you REALLY want to do for good? In that case is it wise to count the days? Doesn't that PREVENT it from becoming a natural, ingrained habit? Report
Only on SP a couple of months, streaking doesn't hold much appeal to me, but I appreciate the article's suggestion of small streaks, not daily but x-number of times a week. That's a better approach for my needs. I have severe arthrtitis (among other things), and commiting to daily streaks is beyond my ability and I struggle to define "overdoing it" for myself. I still don't get streaking in public; I am a private person despite blabbing in comments, lol. I am glad SP seems to welcome whavever works for different folks, and provides a great variety of articles and so on to suit a great variety of individuals. Report
I just love this article - it was really the beginning of losing 36 pounds for me when I first joined Sparkpeople 6 yrs ago! I recently started a new Spark Team based on this concept called the Streak to Success Challenge. Check it out, and if streaking motivates you, I hope you'll join in! It works! Report
Watch out... i'm about to streak in public. I am going to commit to recording my food daily.

I like the idea of a streak. It will be fun to see how long I can keep it up. And I like the idea that if I slip I can still challenge (rather than berate) myself to do better. Report

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