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When Walking Isn't Enough

How to Add Variety to Your Walking Program


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I love walking, ive never tired of it. For me it is perfectly enough. Report
You can override the voice in your head that says you "can't." Report

i also was limited to a recumbent bike, (yes, boring!), until I tried a warm water therapy class for arthritis. Not only did that work for me, eventually I was able to start going to regular aerobic classes in the big, cooler water pool. A major game changer! Not do I feel better, I have much more range of motion, flexibility, and energy. Report
I need the variety to keep myself motivated. Report
My body is always happiest when I vary my routine. When the brain is happy and challenged, the body is happy.

Be active any way you can, every day that you can. Report
Wish I could walk for long periods. It was the only form of exercise that I even remotely tolerated. Now I'm limited to a recumbent bike which is boring!!!!! At my age (65), my options are very limited. Report
If you're on certain blood pressure drugs, you shouldn't work at too elevated a heart rate. Some drugs are designed to keep your heart rate from getting too fast.

Look for Spark article on why heart rate monitors aren't recommended if you're on blood pressure meds. Measure by an exertion instead. Report
oh i love the outside walking it fun to me i walk by my self
I used to walk and liked it. Can't any more because of back problems. Report
Nordic Walking is incredible! I love going out with my poles. Love hiking with them. Less wear and tear on the joints, and if you already have joint problems, well, the poles help you so much! You get more of a work out without feeling like you have had more of a workout. Fantastic. Report
I agree - with Nordic Walking poles, you are also working your upper body and substantially increasing your calorie burn. Good for your posture, too! Report
Good article - for a more complete walking workout - add poles (Nordic Walking) and exercise the UPPER body at the same time.

I walk four times a week (Tues - Friday) with a local walking group. In May I joined a Nordic Pole Walking group on Saturday mornings - this has been a great experience adding variety and a completely new dimension to walking. Now, when I walk by myself I take my poles along.

Walking with Nordic Poles is easy to learn, not as tiring, reduced body pains (legs), extended distances and increased walking speed. Report

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