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The Benefits of Berries

Red, Black & Blue are Berry Good for You!


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Sadly I can't eat berries because of allergies though I love the smell of strawberries Report
Berries are quite expensive, like many people have said, but have you all tried the "pick and pay" places? There are a couple of small farms around where I live and you can pick your own berries (mainly black berries and strawberries, some raspberries) and the prices are substantially lower than supermarkets. And you know you get the freshest available! Report
I agree, berries are crazy expensive. However, as I am lucky enough to be near a farmer's market, I stock up and freeze berries when they are in season. Blueberries have worked out the best for me (freeze in an airtight baggie, do not wash ahead of time. Take out what you need, rinse with warm water in a colander, dump into pancake or other batter. It does not need defrosting). Strawberries only seem to work in things like homemade ice cream or smoothies. I haven't tried freezing raspberries yet, as they get consumed too quickly to put any in the freezer! Report
I have a raspberry patch most people would kill for, I like to pick a cup fresh each morning for my yogurt. Sweet and tart are excellent, and vanilla yogurt makes me feel I am eating raspberries and cream enjoy! Report
An easy way to add berries to your diet. Walmart sells frozen berries(cost effective) that I add to light yogurt with a sprinkle of high protein, high fiber cereal. It's breakfast everyday, easy & full of nutrients to start the day! Report
Isn't it a pity they all cost so much! I love berries, but the price makes them a treat rather than a staple. Report
I believe in the Berries.. My husband got sick about 6 mo. ago.So we decided to eat all natural . One of the things we did was first thing in the morning made a fresh blueberry,strawberry,rasberry smoothy(I think its a smoothy,but no added suar or anything else). Just added them into the blener with little to no water and drank it. Well needless to say my husband is doing fine and I lost 20 pounds.I Started my mom that has diabetes and she notice that here insulin shot was affecting her. When she monitered her blood sugar levels , she saw they were going down naturally and needed less insulin. She checked with the doc, and they lowered her insulin meds... So I truley believe in the Berries!..Especially blueberries.
P.s. After a few days we will mix up the are some combos
_blueberry, pear,rasberry

So many to choose from , just try it for yourself...Thanks for reading.. :) Report
favorite is blueberries. my problem is I forget about them in the frig or in the freezer. Report
What a timely article! I was so distracted during my run yesterday because of all the huge, ripe blackberries down by the river, where I run. I kept stopping to eat! Today on my run, my fiance and I brought a bowl, and picked a few cups. I made some mini tarts in my mini muffin tins, and they are out of this world! Thanks for the extra info on the disease preventing nature of berries!

You can search for a local farm for pick-your-own at this link:

This is actually the link to northern CA, but you can easily navigate the site to find your state/county's local farms.
I was never a fan of blueberries but knew they were good for me and in season they can be very cheap. I now rinse them and freeze them, my kids and I pop a few in our mouths while frozen...better than a popsicle! Report
I like berries but I admit I do not buy them because of the cost and because they go bad so fast, usually a lot of them are already bad when you buy them. I have been buying frozen berries in the grocery store and grabbing a handful here and there to snack on frozen. Now I realize that I have no idea if they are washed before they are frozen. Report
Check in your area for local berries - pick-your-own farms or farm stands. They'll be more affordable and more fresh - it will be hard to get enough! Report
You can freeze fresh raspberries and blackberries by putting them on a cookie sheet and freezing them individually before putting them in a freezer bag. That way they don't thaw into a mushy mess. Report
The links to recipes do not work! They all say 0 recipes found. Report
I've always been a strawberry girl but recently tried fresh raspberries and was pleasantly surprised. They're pricier but really taste great and I've even began mixin them into my protein shakes... yummm... next up for me, to conquer the BLUEBERRY... as I've never really given them a chance... unless they were in a muffin. lol Great article. Report

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