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Nutrition Tips and Supplements for Insomnia

Dietary Changes for a Better Night's Sleep


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I'll have to try the granola and yogurt. Report
Picked up some good pointers Report
Great article thanks for sharing Report
Don't usually have difficulty falling asleep. Sometimes having to get up numerous times to use the facilities, especially when I am bothered, I tend to toss and turn. Report
I love a glass of milk before bed Report
Thanks, really need these tips. Report
I'm going to try some of these suggestions Thanks! Report
I give up...I'm just going to have my wife whack the back of my head with a baseball bat to knock me out. I've tried everything else. Report
I have tried Melatonin before and it doesn't do anything for me. A lot of good tips in article. Report
Good tips. Report
We sometimes forget just how important sleep is. Allow your body to recharge, get enough sleep each evening. Report
Sleep is so important!!! Report
Never had any luck with any kind of sleep aid.
None of this works for me. I do not have trouble falling asleep but am plagued with strange and vivid dreams ALL NIGHT long that wake me several times a night and result in my waking in the morning exhausted. Unfortunately, both Valerian Root and Melatonin have vivid and strange dreams as a possible side effect so that is the LAST thing I need! I tried changing my workouts from evening to help. I stop eating two hours before help. I tried prescription help. Oddly enough, on days off if I take a nap in the late afternoon I am usually NOT plagued by these dreams My next step is a Sleep Center. If anyone out there has these symptoms and has found a way to beat it PLEASE let me know! Report
Real good article. I like to have a whole grain Thomas' Muffin low fat toasted with natural peanut butter, or Skippy's 60% less sugar chocolate natural peanut butter with Smucker's No Sugar Boysenberry or Simply Fruit Strawberry jam as my "Nod Off" helper! :P

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