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30 Days to an Active Lifestyle

A Tip of the Day Calendar for June or Any Month


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Day 1: Often when I wash dishes by hand, I fill the largest pot/bowl/whatever that needs washing with hot soapy water. I then wash all the other items using the water in that bowl, but leave all those items in the sink as they are cleaned. I drain off the soapy water, then use the spray attachment on my sink to give everything (and the bowl) a quick rinse. I don't use much water this way. And I am on my feet, dreaming or thinking or planning. It is quite enjoyable. Report
That was a great idea to save on desktop. Thanks.
I've gotten this challenge all out of order I think, but doing my best.
It sure has gotten me off the couch and while I'm still not excelling in exercise at least I'm up and moving.
Keep moving forward. Report
Actually, the first day is incorrect. Using the dishwasher generally saves water. It's really tough to be more efficient with handwashing dishes. See here for more details:
ich-is-greener.html Report
starting slowly, just had shoulder surgery, so slow going right now, starting with 10 minute walking on elyptical. Report
I know this is a 'late' comment but...I didn't print this calendar page. I saved it to my desktop so it comes up each time I start the computer. That way I see it and get inspiration on a regular basis. Report
Ummm let me see. I don't have a dishwasher, I don't drive, and I don't watch tv, I don't have the money to eat out so I cook my own food... :) Report
Having difficulty printing the calendar. It only prints the first half of the page and the second page is blank. Report
Great Ideas! You can modify some to what fits you best. I posted one at work ... to keep us all motivated! Report
Very very interesting comments here. I often have to redo dishes from the dishwasher. I resent that I have to rinse off dishes really well before putting them in the dishwasher. I hate that you cannot find certain dishes you want because they are "in the dishwasher". I always wash dishes by hand (it can be very meditative) unless I have a group over. (I live alone, so a group is two people!!!) On the other hand, whisking dishes into the dishwasher cleans up the place faster than washing them and drying them. Report
Love the ideas, use most of them. DH washes our dishes by hand,(bless his heart) and we have taken to using the dishwasher as a dish never have to wonder "are these clean", and you save elec. and they are out of sight. Love it. Here in Oregon, we are not too concerned about the use of water! Check the weather records...we have had rain 144 days since Oct 1 2010 to now, and, yes it rained today. When it finally stops, though, the heat comes as a shock at first.
I will never give up hanging out my sheets! The fresh air smell just can not be replicated no matter what "scent" you throw in the dryer. Report
I agree with Rhoadan, the June/01 calendar block is not true. Doing dishes by hand wastes more water than running the dishwasher when full! Report
TennesseRose why do you consider laundry and dishes women's chores? Men do these chores too. Report
Oh thing about hand washing dishes saving water? Bogus. Assuming that you run it only when full, running a dishwasher uses less water than doing the dishes by hand. Whether or not it's worth the electricity used is another matter. Report
Oh but I loved the way sheets and towels smelled when hung outdoors. I do remember Tennesseerose and we are building my retirement house with one absolute. A clothesline for hanging things outside in the summer. Not everything, I to go for wash and wear but some things. Report
I've had my say and I feel better for having said it. You are just too young, Nicole to have memories of the days before the help of our household machines. I remember. Report

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