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Get Others Involved in Your Goals

Don't be a Weight-Loss Loner


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MOtivators! Report
It’s good to see the positives as to why we should share our goals with others. Report
Thanks Report
It helps to get others involved in the journey. Report
Yup, keep you motivated, just what SP is about Report
I am workout loner although I am on a competive row team that requires Teamwork to get the shell moving. I find strength training and cardio for myself is best done alone.
In regards to my healthy lifestyle change people do ask me about my program, what I eat and so fourth. I reply that I eat healthy for my nutritional needs. I have found that people do not like to be told what to eat. Whatever works for each individual. Report
Do what suits YOU....... Report
Thanks! Report
Everyone does better with positive, supportive friends. Report
We all need motivation help at times. Report
Good article. Report
I have several people who are interested in my eating and exercising program. They are in constant communication to see how I' doing Report
I prefer the privacy of my own home and my spouse to be my support system. I have 2 little dogs that are very fast walkers which I can't keep up with but it's something to be outdoors with them. We are campers and thus are walkers. Report
Guess I am in the loner side, I feel that I can trust myself above all others, I like exercising alone, I have never been a person that had to have leagues of friends to put a stamp of approval on goals, tasks or anything I do, if you don't like the way I do things then do things the way you like but don't express your disapproval of the way I do them. I find that weight loss was much easier without involving other people, there are sabotors in all areas of life, even here in SP. I find all the support I need here in teams with limited amounts of people. If you can't trust yourself to do what is right and good for you, then how can you trust a league of supporters. I know I am different in that opinion, but that is me, I lost 70 lbs without inviting the whole town to keep me in line, so I guess that is what is right for me. Find what is right for you. Report
I like to walk alone with my four legged buddy. Never talks back or gets tired. Report

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