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What Really Causes Type 2 Diabetes

Learn Which Risk Factors Are Preventable


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thank you Report
Good article. Excellent need-to-know information. Report
Very informative and interesting article Report
This article is ancient and needs a complete redo. Please. It's an important subject! Report
Great information...............Thank You. Report
Great info. Thanks. Report
My friend & sister in law both have controlled their symptoms by following the recommended diabetes diet. They feel healthier & have lost weight. Neither takes meds anymore. They have been fortunate, as not all people in that situation have had the same results. Report
No matter what you think, no matter how you feel, the truth is you CAN do this. Report
I was glad you mentioned about diabetes and sugar consumption- my aunt had type 1 for years and even thought she was a good church going Catholic lady she used to say that it was B******T that sugar caused diabetes. Report
Good information. Thanks Report
those uncontrollable risk factors do not mean that we should resign and accept that as we age, we naturally get diabetes. we cannot control these factors, but nonetheless we can avoid getting the diabetes. getting the diabetes at later age mostly means that something was not right with other factors earlier in the life, whether controllable or not. this was just a theoretical input in the article.
while it is true, that diabetes does not develop only after eating sweets, later on it was correctly mentioned that sugars can also contribute to this condition, especially in the liquid form, including sweetened juice drinks. it is the imbalance of several factors at once and everybody has a different blend of these factors present.
the main point is that with controlling these factors one does not have to develop diabetes type 2 at all, regardless of those uncontrollable factors, too. Report
This article is very old and needs updating that is based on more current science. Report
Keepyourpower- don't worry, whoever told you that about the health insurance reforms ("Obamacare") was ignorant or lying to scare you. You won't go to jail and you won't be paying 30K for insurance with a 30K deductible. It's the current system that is really the problem because the private companies are for-profit and maximize profit by trying to push us out of the pool when we get sick, injured, or older. I struggled to pay increasing premiums in my fifties, rising 30-35% every year. A simple UTI mismanaged by a local doctor put me in the hospital and ran up expenses for expensive unnecessary tests. I was in big debt for 6 years, since my insurance company cherry picked its way through the bills instead of paying everything above the deductible (as my policy was supposed to do) and I was out of work for several months thanks to the incompetent doctor and hospital. Soon after the hospitalization, they pushed me into double the deductible and of course raised the premium another 35%. Finally they wanted 53% of my income, which would not even have left enough for the deductible after taxes and business expenses. I had to cancel. There were few choices in my state and all were equally bad, so I've been uninsured for several years. But I couldn't afford a doctor even with insurance and couldn't rely on a policy to actually pay. So like many Americans, with or without insurance I would be just one injury or serious illness away from bankruptcy and losing everything anyway. And yet I was just out of range for eligibility for a state insurance program, which would have a reasonable premium strictly tied to income (as other developed countries do it).

But I ran my income figures through the health insurance reform calculators (just google for them), and if the politicians don't destroy the program before it gets started - I will be able to get good insurance again for a very reasonable percentage of my income (9-10%). The plan will still have us paying more than other countries (Australians pay just a few percent and have access to good medical care), but it's a start because it is tied to income - so when your income is less, you pay less. But everybody is part of the pool, healthy and not- which is also what makes it work. The private insurers try to limit the pool by raising our premiums with wild abandon to make it impossible for us to stay, after we've spent a lifetime paying into it, because they want to minimize their risk and maximize their profits. Some reforms have already kicked in that are helping people with pre-existing conditions, for instance, who were virtually uninsurable before. So don't let the political fear-mongers (bought and paid for by the insurance companies who don't want any limits) scare you. Report

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